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Ectopic Pregnancy

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  • Classic Triad of symptoms: irregular mestrual bleeding, pain, palpable adnexal mass
  • gestational sac seen only if bHCG greater than 2000 IU/L
  • Location: fallopian tubes (95%), in ampullary or isthmus
  • heterotopic pregnancy 1 in 7000 pregnancies.

Risk Factors

  • prior infection
  • developmental defects or prior tubal surgery
  • IUD
  • ovulation-inducing agents
  • IVF
  • prior ectopic

Intrauterine Findings

  • normal or thickened endometrial lining
  • look for IUP (gestational sac with yolk sac and DDS sign)

Extrauterine findings

  • extrauterine embryo with positive heart motion (100% PPV)
  • adnexal mass containing a yolk sac or nonliving embryo (100%)
  • Ring of Fire = “tubal” or “adnexal” ring surrounding a fluid collection (95%)
  • Complex or solid adnexal mass (no embryo, yolk sac, or tubal ring) (92%)
  • intraperitoneal fluid

distinguish ectopic from corpus luteal cyst:

  • less vascularity
  • intra-ovarian vs para-ovarian
  • surrounding follicles


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