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Cerebral Vascular Territories

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ANTERIOR: Signs and symptoms include visual, aphasia, and sensorimotor deficits. Involves carotid artery, ACA, MCA, and ophthalmic branch (amaurosis fugax).


  • 5% of infarcts
  • 3 parts: medial lenticulostriate, pericallosal, and hemispheric
  • Medial lenticulostriate: internal capsule, putamen, globus pallidus, caudate head, hypothalamus, optic chiasm = speech, facial weakness, mood and judgement.
  • Hemispheric: unilateral = contralateral leg weakness; bilateral = akinetic mutism


  • 66% of infarcts
  • lenticulostriate arteries = basal ganglion; hemispheric arteries = lateral cerebral surface (insula)
  • “insular ribbon” sign=

POSTERIOR: Signs and symptoms include syncope, ataxia, CN findings, homonymous visual field defects, contralateral facial symptoms . Involves vertebral, basilar, PCA, and cerebellar arteries.

  • respiratory and cardiac centers
  • fatal
  • loss of pupillary light response, impaired upgaze, somnolence, contralateral sensory loss (thalamic)
  • headache, vertigo, nausesa, vomiting, ipsilateral ataxia
  • 85% ischemic, 15% hemorrhagic
  • Superior Cerebellar = upper parts; AICA = anteromedial cerebellum; PICA = bottom of cerebellum

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April 12, 2008 at 3:26 pm

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