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Nephrostogram and exchange of PCN for nephroureteral stent Dictation

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Procedure: [x]
1. [Left] nephrostogram .
2. Exchange of [left] PCN for [left] nephroureteral stent .
Radiologists: [x]
History: [x]
Informed consent was obtained. The patient was identified and placed prone in the angiographic table. The left flank and left percutaneous nephrostomy tube were prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion.
Contrast was injected through the existing left percutaneous nephrostomy and a nephrostogram was obtained, which demonstrated a left distal ureteral stricture. A guidewire was advanced into the left renal pelvis and the catheter was exchanged over a wire. A Bernstein catheter was advanced into the left renal pelvis and a slightly guidewire access was obtained into the bladder. A new 26 cm long 8 French nephroureteral stent was then advanced into the bladder. Contrast injection onfirms the catheter position with its distal tip of the bladder and the proximal end coiled within the left renal pelvis.
The catheter was sutured to the patient’s skin and sterile dressing was applied. The catheter was connected to a leg bag.
Dr. [x], the attending interventional radiologist, was present for the critical portions of the procedure and reviewed all images obtained.
Successful replacement of the left PCN for a left 26 cm long 8 French nephroureteral stent .

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April 7, 2008 at 9:10 pm

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